Miroslav Zítek (1964)

Our world is an amazing and interesting place. Travelling around it has become for me not only the source of relaxation, but also inspiration and great experience. I have been trying to take photos of nature and animal wildlife for many years. I do not care if I use classical or digital camera. My hobby became my passion.

In the past years I have visited South Georgia, Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Nepal, different parts of the USA (Nex York, Florida, Alaska), Costa Rica, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, in Europe Norway, Russia, Germany and France, and,of course, many places in the Czech Republic.

I like taking images mainly of birds, as I like them most and I think I have some knowledge about them. Otherwiswe, I take photos of everything interesting.

By taking pictures I am trying to express my humility and admiration to the nature.

The Prague Castle, Pisa tower or Manhattan will remain here for many years, on the other side we do not say the same about some animals or wild places of our planet…

I set up these websites to share my images and experience with you.


Camera Body

  • Nikon 3DS
  • Nikon D700

Zoom lenses

  • Nikkor 24-70/2,8 G ED AF-S
  • Nikkor 70-200/2,8 G ED AF-S
  • Nikkor 200-400/4 G AF-S ED VR II

Prime lenses

  • Nikkor 300/2,8 G AF-S VR II
  • Nikkor 600/4 G AF-S VR IF ED

And other neccessary items such as tripod, memory cards, flash and all these things I carry in photo backpack Gura Gere Kiboko.